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Film and TV

Red Propagation (Act 1) 

(TV Spec for The Mentalist)


Jane must solve the murder by the Blake Association of a former Red John captive and find their connection before the evidence is destroyed.

Moonshine (Pilot)

(TV Pilot) (Horror-Suspense)


In Prohibition-era Georgia, a guard infected with werewolf spittle attempts to reach his family after he is attacked by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Weak and low on blood, he must find a way out of the hills before he is enslaved by the Bureau as a "sniffer dog."

Moonshine (Short)

(Short Script) (Horror)


A young lookout guards a whiskey still from the cops in Prohibition-era Georgia. After a brief shootout leaves another guard and a state agent injured, the police come back in force with a dangerous ally


(Short Script) (Drama)


When his delinquent best friend exposes him to cheating allegations, a timid honors student must get past a zealous campus security guard and steal the evidence before morning.

Dust to Dust

(Animation Script) (Action)


A systems engineer in a struggling human colony on Mars must stop the secutiry chief before she attacks a rival alien colony, potentially igniting a war the humans would certainly lose.

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