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Logan as a Host and Guest

From podcasts to YouTube to Cable TV

Logan has appeared as a host on the YouTube series After Action Report and as a podcast host on Mandatory Fun. He's also contributed as on-camera talent for No Sh*t There I Was, Black Files Declassified, and America's Book of Secrets.

See Him in Action

Hear Him in Action

Logan was a founding co-host of the Mandatory Fun podcast from from March 2016 to January 2017. His recommended episodes from that era include:

Logan Nye American infantry mortars us army.jpg

The US versus the world

The inaugural episode explores how the U.S. would fend off the rest of the world from a hypothetical invasion.

Military prisoner of war sere search evasion.jpg

7  badass POWs

Seven badasses who embarrassed their captors, escaped impossible prisons, or saved their comrades

military french foreign legion.jpg

What we learned about the French Foreign Legion

Since their foundation in 1831, Legionnaires have been a storied breed of foreigners turned
French heroes.

Military rapid raptor modern air force jet fighters.jpg

How the US will respond when World War III erupts

America has forces staged around the world to respond to military crises large and small. These emergency responders are first in the breach.

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