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New posts and greatest hits


Logan was formerly an associate editor for, "Authentic Media for the Military Community." He's now a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in RealClear Defense, Business Insider, Coffee Or Die, and more. He's also the managing editor of The Patriot from Fisher House Foundation. Check it out here.

New posts and greatest hits
Thunderscreech crazy air force early jet.jpeg
Seizure-causing plane was one of history's craziest designs


The Thunderscreech fixed a problem of the early jet era: how to get prop-like fuel efficiency out of a jet aircraft. Unfortunately, it created a much worse problem when its propellor created thousands of sonic booms. Learn more at Coffee or Die.

How a Sausage-Filled-Plane Crash Wiped Out 16 Soviet Admirals


The single-greatest loss of senior Soviet naval officers didn't happen in combat in World War II, at some clandestine incident at sea, or in some organized hit by the CIA. No, the worst loss of Soviet naval leadership came when admirals got cocky while shuttling groceries across the Russian interior. See the story at Coffee or Die.

7 worst military defeats in modern history


Even great military powers can get curb stomped in surprising ways. In battles like the one in Tsushima Straits, massive forces were laid low.

Coast Guard painting tall ship war of 1812.jpg
9 crazy stories of Coast Guard history


The Coast Guard, the successor to two early American agencies, is the oft-forgotten fifth military service. But its service men and women have a proud history of doing bonkers crap to defend U.S. liberties.

ACH-47-chinook guns a go go attack helicopter.jpg
This monster was the helicopter version of the AC-130 gunship


The ACH-47 bristled with heavy machineguns, miniguns, and rocket launchers like a GI Joe toy come to life. It was eventually retired for not being cost-effective, but the troops protected by its vengeful hand loved having it overhead.

Logan is also an editor!

See his work as the managing editor of The Patriot from Fisher House Foundation


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