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Business Proposals

Gamers' ROTC Business Proposal

Gamers’ ROTC is a media network that delivers top-tier, accurate military information and entertainment on Twitch through the jokes and antics of military veteran hosts, allowing the company to engage authentically with military fans, service members, and military veterans in the U.S.
See the video by clicking here. Or see the elevator pitch, here.

Gamers ROTC Title Slide.png

This proposal is focused on merchandise that would accompany the fictional Gamers ROTC YouTube channel. Proposed merchandise is unique and fits with target audience, members of the U.S. military and fans around the world.

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Digital Marketing Plan

This digital marketing plan focuses on a fictional streaming network called The Protagonists Guild. The goal is to create a funnel that starts with social media and syndicated content and funnels them into a content ecosystem of podcasts, livestreams, videos, and other content that reinforce one another. The final paper outlining this marketing plan is available, as is the slide deck.

The Protagonists Guild team screenshot

This project management example was created by Logan Nye. "A Rolling Thrones Games Mods" is a proposal for a project that would create game mods to represent amputees and other disabled people in popular games. Includes top-level budget, timeline, risk management, and more.

A Rolling Throne Game Mods proposal
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