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David's short stories have been published in publications such as Epiphany Magazine and The Story Shack. Buttons are included to read stories on sites where they were published. For those who would prefer PDFs, those are included as well.

Coming Soon: In Our Own Image

(Short Story) (Horror) (March 2015


After being forced to retire and replaced by a sentient robot, a former astronaut attempts to forget his past and settle into a small desert town. When dreams of his lost mission invade his waking life, he finds that letting go isn't so easy. 

Coming Soon: Task Force Wyvern

(Short Story) (Action/Suspense) (TBD Pure Fantasy and Sci-Fi Vol. IV)


As mankind teeters on the edge of extinction, military deserters from both sides of a seemingly endless war work together to steal the world's remaining nuclear weapons before political leaders launch them, dooming humanity.


(Flash Fiction) (Drama) (Feb. 2014 Epiphany Magazine)


A small boy chases his elderly dog through a torrential storm. When the old dog begins swimming across the wind-chopped lake, the boy follows in a leaky boat.

The Cat's Owner

(Flash Fiction) (Suspense) (July 2013 The Story Shack)


As a young man attempts to find a lost cat in a bad neighborhood, his girlfriend tries to talk him into heading home before he becomes a victim of gang violence.

Small Town Heroes

(Flash Fiction) (Mystery) (Jun. 2013 Jiffycast)


Two agents for a covert agency attempt to deliver a widow information about her husband's secret government service. In the Jiffycast audio stream, jump to 0:35 for "Small Town Heroes."

Thinking in the Box

(Flash Fiction) (Suspense) (Jun. 2013 Linguistic Erosion)


A schizophrenic paramedic attempts to work without his psych meds. While treating an accident victim en route to a hospital, he fights to separate reality from fantasy in order to prevent the accidental killing of his patient.

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